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made dozens of people very sick good evening. this is bay area news at 7. >> it is not all fun and game for the san francisco 49ers. chris cull ifr in the eye of the storm apologizes for the hom phone number homophobic comment he made. this week is after all all about a football game, but it seems like throughout the week, 1 or 2 serious stories emerge. that was in the case today as the result of the antigay
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comments made by chris culiver when those comments went viral. >> both teams made final media appearances before sunday's game. he faced the issue, but sounded very different than he did earlier in the week. >> i'm sorry they offended anyone and that was a very ugly comment and that's not what i feel in my heart and hopefully i can grow from this experience and this situation and that i love san francisco. >> if anyone has anien titlement and belief what they want to do -- >> entitlement. >> they would have much rather wanted to be talking about football. >> he's not that kind of person to have malice in his heart. he's not an ugly person, not a discriminating person.
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>> whatever you're into, that's you. everybody's into something different. >> if you can play football, you're welcome in our locker room. >> i think he sort of got to comfortable, let something out and you guys talked to him some morning before you're talking to me. he wants to grow and learn more about the lgbt community at large in the bay area and now it's up to us to treat that insensitivity and say no he didn't have that or you can take him at his word. >> undoubtedly a learning experience for chris culiver. what's have heard the last until the super bowl. >> tomorrow that conference with jim and john harbaugh and that 1 should have its moments. >> reporting live from new orleans, ktvu charnel 2 news. -- channel 2 news. live coverage in every
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single newscast all week long leading up to super bowl sunday. beyonce is a half-time performance gig. she got critics from the recent inauguration. >> beyonce sang live before hundreds of reporters . beyonce confirmed she didn't have enough to practice with the band before the inauguration but said sunday's half-time show will be the real deal. >> i will absolutely be singing live. i am rehearse and i had will absolutely be singing live. this is what i was born to do, what i was born for. >> today's press conference was the super star's first public comment on the uproar. >> jennifer hudson will join
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the chorus from sandy hook elementary school to sing america the beautiful. >> the number significance, since the gunman killed 20 students and 6 adults. the super bowl's pre game show is part of the performance. a record amount of fake gear leading up to the super bowl. today, agents showed off some of the items they've received. they say items are exploding on the internet. drug cartels are also getting into the black market for jerseys. >> live in san francisco federal agents showed off a huge hall of fakes. john. >> reporter: if someone was selling 49er gear right here on this corner, until we walked up,
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he ran off likely because he was selling unlicensed merchandise. >> 3 days before the super bowl, agents showed off a collection of clothing they had receive. >> this we're looking at about $300,000 so far. >> this is lower quality than licensed products but can be deceiving. >> this is a real 1 licensed and this 1 is fake. you can see on some of these jerseys, there are also the hol grams. >> this is not about the -- holigrams. >> this is about protecting businesses that have a right to control their product and brand. >> at the pier 39 nfl shop where a super bowl winner was signing autographs, shoppers were excited to buy niner gear. >> want the real official championship, i want to be with
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everybody else. >> not surprisingly, the owner promotes his product. helping the team. >> we found this man selling 49er gear, but when we asked him about it. >> is this all licensed material? >> he just packed up and walked away. >> it's aggressive, it's out there, it's every day since we were the team that was going to be going total super bowl. >> investigators will be aggressive looking to shut them down. so far no arrests. >> ktvu channel 2 news. >> go to for more super bowl coverage and look for web links. >> the report on oakland police department finds opd is back sliding. >> a list of 22, is out of compliance, reporting with conduct and management account
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ability. the monitor called the decline unacceptable. the reform process began a decade ago following the righters corruption scandal. >> today a i mistrial in the case of a crime lab technician charged with stealing drugs from evidence. the jury cannot decide whether the 62-year-old used fraud or de sepz to deception or fraud to suede a jury. a purse snatcher got away empty handed when the victim fought back. >> this doesn't look like an action figure but she leaped into action last weekend. she was having lunch at northgate mall when a woman grabbed her purse.
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she says she took off after the chief to the parking lot -- thief from the parking lot. that is when 50s began to guy. >> just keep punching harder ander. >> dark green subaru with paper plated. >> a neighbor shared a picture of the home in flames at the mobile home community, fire officials say that it appears the fire started in the back of the resident. >> the back room was a smoking room the man escaped without injury. now, a home on burg andy drive went up in flames. officials say the 1 alarm fire was under control in about
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20-minutes. >> some people helped rescue a woman by pulling her over the fence. and a deli reopened today after dozens of people got 6 from a luncheon catered by the deli. 45 workers at bio chem medical began getting sick last friday night. health officials say they traced the nor virus at northpark deli who prepared their lunch. >> also benched that less than stellar hand -- observed less than stellar hand washing practices. >> the owner says he had no idea his employees were sick and said the deli has always had an impeccable health record. >> university workers state the
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noisy protest in oakland. >> the dem strarpt domonstrators wont strike today. many members are custodians and cooks who just can't afford to pay more. the contract expires at midnight but 2 sides are still talking. a man his long lost dog are reunited and getting a lot of attention today. >> the boston terrier was found in dale city tuesday with a broken leg. a microchip linked him to larry melly of palo alt o. he slipped out of the back year more than 4 yearsing -- alto. >> oroe was special. >> -- oreo, the dog's been gone for 4 years. >> the vet thinks the dog may have gotten hit by a car.
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het had surgery and -- he had surgery and will go home soon. dozens of cars disappeared he agreed to sell on consignment. >> he's known as andy paul, facing sis counts of grant theft, a bail of half a million dollar. >> they left their expensive cars to sell for him, then last month some of them found the lost empty and their cars gone. others said they got checks for the sale of those cars but those checks bounced. >> new charges for 3 suspects in a south bay crime spree, the terrifying new accusations and what we learn about the victims. this is not your grandfather's mack world, in fact, not even last year's mac world. wrapping up a beautiful day, coming up, the neighborhoods that could hit 70 into friday the charges you
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can't expect for the coming weekend -- and the changes you could expect for the coming weekend.
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. emergency crews shut down a busy street for hours due to a toxic fume. a truck spilled chemicals about 8 a.m.. 2 chemicals mixed causing a vapor crowd. 1 woman drove through the area had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. 3 men involved in a violent crime spree were in court facing new charges. here's why the men are now being charged with attempted murder. >> reporter: the 3 men accused in a horrific string of attacks and robberies came into a courtroom today and found out the long list of the charges has gone goten longer and includes
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-- gotten longer and includes attempted murder. they had already been charged with 13 felonies including an armed robbery on this street where the couple found taped together and the vehicle was used as a get away vehicle. >> she was really worried about her husband and shaken up. prosecutor say the men allegedly stabbed and robbed a man outside buchananan's nightclub. >> attempted mushder and rog attempted murder and robbery robbery. >> workers say they were robbed by the 3 men on january 20th, 1 woman employee is still being treated. >> they hit her over the head with a broom stick, put 2 employees on the floor with a
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gun. >> they've been charged with 15 separate counts, all violent felonies, so we're taking this case very seriously. 3 men are being held without bail and scheduled to return march seventh to enter pleas. stvu channel 2 news -- ktvu news. 14 people in mexico city are dead in an explosion at an oil company high raise. >> 30 people remain trapped in the 52 story building hours after the blast. at least 80 people were hurt in the basement of that tour just before 4 p.m. there. the high rise sustained significant damage. hundreds ever people poured into the street. cause is not known. >> a snow mobiler who suffered injuries at x games died. >> caleb moore died when the skis on the snow mobile hit the
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slope. the 450-pound machine rolled over him. he what you canned away from the crash but later developed bleeding around his heart. the death is the first in the 18-year history of the x games. family members say they are grateful from the support they received around the world. a southern cal man invented the hoax of manti te'o, but he says the deception became too much. >> had to get on with my life, i had to start living. the 2-year-old male pretend tobd a woman who he communicated -- pretended to be a woman last it would go years before he confessed. te'o had no involvement in the hoax. labor department is reporting a sharp increase in applications for unemployment
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benefits, raising by 38,000 to adjust at 368,000 last week, but for the last 3 weeks, applications dropped to 5-year lows. the member is still consistent with moderate hiring, numbers for the entire month of january are due tomorrow. >> shocks today ended a -- stocks today, the dow fell 49 points. a company is offering a gift card that can be spent at brick and mortar stores. the social networks site introduced its give giving feature last fall. it will roll out the card gradually. >> the opening of mcworld, this is the third year without apple's participation. a consumer editor told us how the conference has evolved without the giant. >> more than double 2 years
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ago, exhibits, and attendance is down. >> mcworld is no longer about mac is. it's more about what goes in and on apple devices. >> long gone for the massive boots for apple and firms. hundreds of small firm. >> kind of like a small forest fire comes through and after the fire, all these new enterprises sprout up. >> and an apwhich teaches children to make -- app used to teach kids to make the world greener. >> and this 1 teaches mandrin chinese. >> and this is -- and a great way for language learning that maybe might not be so commence. >> and the first thing --
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common. and getting the first thing is getting people to learn they can. >> and people with weak wifi signal strength, you can increase speed. >> mac world plans to drive up attendees in the coming years. >> they will have a phone, and they will have tablets, so i see that the marketplace is only going to grow. >> mac world running through saturday. stvu channel 2 news -- ktvu channel 2 news. the times reported its computer system had been hacked for 4 months and an investigation pointed to china. the times said the in trusion by a chinese official. hacking it forbidden by law. and officers take to the course for a message to the
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community. >> and this unique basketball games putting students against bullying. >> temperatures tomorrow may approach 70 degrees. meteorologist lays out how warm it will get in your neighborhood and if there's any sign of rain on the horizon.
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. a former nato air force
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bomber took off today to measure winter air pollution in the bay area, sometimes flying at 1,000 feet. the bay area are quote manager district hopes to track pollution. and the meteorologist is here to talk to us some b some warm weather and -- about some warm weather. >> there was some haze. you get the stable weather pattern to kind of trap some pollutants. >> as far as temperatures, we're talking about the warm numbers. look at the 60s towards santa ros a 68, mountain view, 68, and oakland 68 degrees. >> and all the cloud covering to the north, we do take a
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closer inspection in the bay area, still mostly clear, but temperatures have been dropping off over the past few hours. here's a look at some of the current numbers in the upper 40s already, fairfield and napa, downtown san francisco, 57, and san jose at 55. forecast headlines for tonight, we have most here clear skies with some patchy fog developing in some of the inland valleys tomorrow emergency. february 1st, more sunshine. this weekend we do bring in a few high clouds and temperatures will be dropping off. >> first thing tomorrow, for friday, some patchy fog pretty chili in napa. >> once again, the overall weather pattern still in command, sunny and warm. 62 to 70 degrees. into the weekend there is a storm in the pacific, not approaching the bay area, but
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moving parallel to our coastline. this the bring in a few extra high clouds and a little bit of a drop off in temperatures. >> here's showing you the clear skies and some of the those high clouds moving into the bay area sunday, and sunday morning. >> forecast highs for tomorrow, could be a little bit warmer. >> san jose will go 68, san matoe, 65, and beautiful 64 degrees. >> your 5-day forecast, temperatures cool off slightly for saturday, minor changes with no rain clouds on this 5-day forecast. mark, thank you. a simple game of basketball helped break down barriers at 1 mid school today. >> 8th graders took on a team much teachers and police officers. 1 of the players is an oakland police officer assign to the school. students tell us she has been a role model. >> thank you for trusting ktvu
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channel 2 news. we'll see you next time news breaks. and why you may pre order your pizza for the super bowl party. have a good night from tv 36. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now best foods mayonnaise is just $2.77. so pile it on. pizza is served. digiorno pizza is just $3.88. and here's a treat. dreyer's ice cream is only $2.88.
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